How Often Should I Disinfect And Clean My Clinic in Penang?

It’s natural for our environment to be full of germs and bacteria. We are constantly touching surfaces that have been touched by many other people. The average person touches their face, nose, mouth, ears, and neck up to twenty times every hour! This is why it’s important to hire a professional disinfecting team from Penang to deeply disinfect your clinic so you don’t spread these germs around the office.

But how do you do standard disinfection when calling a professional doesn’t seem to be in your schedule? This blog post will cover how often disinfection should be done in your clinic so you can ensure a safe vicinity for everyone in it!

How Often to Clean and Disinfect Clinic?

Clinics are among the filthiest, germiest places you’ll find in a hospital. That’s because these spaces are where we handle bodily fluids, which means they’re constantly covered with germs and bacteria that can contaminate surfaces.

This is why it’s important to disinfect the clinic on a regular basis – especially if it sees high traffic or has patients who are immune-compromised (or both). But how often should clinics be cleaned?

The answer really depends on what type of care you provide and how frequently you see patients. If you have a cardiology clinic (where infectious disease isn’t always present) and people come in for routine check-ups, then it’s worth setting up regular disinfection appointments with your team from Penang at least once a week to help maintain the cleanliness of your clinic and keep all those germs at bay!

On the other hand, if you provide dermatology care or are seeing outpatients on a frequent basis – say twice per month – then daily disinfection should be enough to ward off any potential threats. Skin disease can be transmitted from person to person so it’s vital that you disinfect daily.

However, there is no specific rule that says how often clinics need to be cleaned so talk with members of staff about what would work best for your needs and schedule. But as per the experts, cleaning 3-4 times a week is recommended to remove any potential germs.

Disinfectants Best For Clinics

When cleaning clinics, disinfectants really matter. Disinfectants are designed to kill harmful microorganisms that can cause infection – and some may work better than others depending on what types of surfaces they’re being used on.

For example, bleach works well for surgical instruments and operating rooms but it’s not effective when applied to hard floors or countertops (as these will release toxic fumes). Likewise, quaternary ammonium compounds don’t do much good against viruses since they only target bacteria so be sure to use a more specific solution for those pesky germs!

However, the top solutions used for disinfecting clinics usually included alcohol, bleach, Formaldehyde, hydrogen peroxide, and quaternary ammonium compounds.

The best way to figure out which cleaning product is right for your facility is by asking an expert about their recommended products

How to Clean and Disinfect Clinic

To clean a clinic, you need to start with a dust mop, vacuum cleaner, and wet mopping. You should also comb the floors with a brush to remove any dirt or hair.

Once you’ve done that, bleach is usually mixed in hot water (or used as an aerosol) on top of countertops and desks – while quaternary ammonium compounds are sprayed into corners and underneath furniture. Alcohol-based cleaners can be sprayed onto surfaces like keyboards, handles, doorknobs, etc but they’re not recommended for hard flooring because they cause it to become slippery. Formaldehyde can be used to clean equipment because of its sterilizing properties!

Before disinfection, it’s crucial to clean any debris, dust, and dirt first so it doesn’t get mixed with the disinfectant. Otherwise, you might end up spreading germs to other parts of your clinic!

Should I Hire a Professional Disinfection Service?

Some clinics may decide to hire a professional service on an as-needed basis for disinfection – or they might rely on their own staff members to clean the clinic.

But if you can afford it, then yes! It’ll save you time and money in the long run since your team will be able to come into your facility without having to worry about any cross-contamination (and this is especially important if patients are immune-compromised). Plus, professionals know better than anyone how best to get rid of germs and bacteria so hiring them should result in quicker turnaround times.

In Conclusion

In this blog post, we have covered how often to clean and disinfect your clinic with the right products so you can ensure a safe environment for everyone in it. If you need help finding the best product or service that is most appropriate for your business, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Our team of experts will be more than happy to provide some advice on what might work best for your company and budget. We are always just a phone call away. Thank you all again for reading.

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